Arch User Repository

Highly customized builds of my favorite packages

You've reached my Arch User Repository. This page contains a set of guidelines regarding the usage of this repository. Packages are for x86_64 systems only. Builds for x86 are available upon request. Please report all issues and requests to

Package Guidelines

All packages are built in a clean chroot environment. This prevents missing dependencies, whether due to unwanted linking or an incomplete dependency array. Should you still encounter a problem due to packaging, don't hesitate to contact me for assistance.

The packages and database are signed. To enable signature verification, import my public key with the command-line tool pacman-key. More info about package signing is published on the Arch Wiki. All pkgbuilds are available up for review on GitHub.

Usage Instructions

To enable the repository, add the snippet below to /etc/pacman.conf. To avoid any conflicts with the official repositories, add the entry before the official [extra] repository. Note that signature verification is recommended, but still remains optional.

Signature = Required
Server =

Now import my public key to the pacman keyring and sign it. Be advised to verify the fingerprint, as you would with a master key, or any other key which you are going to sign. Once signed, all packages in the repository will be trusted. Use at your own risk.

$ pacman-key -r 0xF8840B25
$ pacman-key --lsign-key 0xF8840B25

Package List

See [nepherte] for an exhaustive list of available packages.